West Coast Life Insurance Company

West Coast is one of our favorite companies. They have clear, consistent underwriting guidelines, are priced very competitively for term policies for middle aged applicants, and can move very quickly to get a policy in place. West Coast Life is part of Protective Life Insurance. PO Box 830570, Birmingham, AL, 35283 Phone Number 800-366-9378 Fax Number 415-433-1372 WebPage http://www.westcoastlife.com

Financial Ratings:

WestCoast has excellent ratings for financial strength.

  • A.M. Best rates West Coast Life Insurance Strength A+
  • Moody’s rates West Coast Life Insurance A2
  • Standard & Poor’s rates WestCoast Life AA-
  • Fitch rates West Coast Life A

West Coast Life Insurance Products:

West Coast Life Insurance Company has three primary term insurance policies: As with most carriers, some products are not available in all states. The Income Replacement Term Series is designed to pay out its death benefit as a guaranteed series of payments over time. For a policy designed to replace a stream of income, it provides a stream of income as the replacement. The Focus Guaranteed Level Term Series is a renewable and convertible Term Life Insurance Policy with initial level premiums guaranteed for either 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 years. Conversion must take place during the first 20 years of the products original term, and before the insured reaches age 75.

Riders: Accelerated Death Benefit Accidental Death Benefit Waiver of Premium Children’s Insurance: Children’s Insurance maximum is $20,000 Rider availability may vary by state. Actual terms and conditions contained in the rider govern all benefits provided. The ADB rider is automatically included where available. Other riders are optional and available at additional cost.

Tobacco Rules: In order to qualify for non-tobacco use rates, the proposed insured must not have used tobacco or nicotine products in any form (gum, patches, etc.) within one year prior to the policy date that the application was written. For Super Preferred, however, the time frame is five years. All current positive cotinine (nicotine) results will be treated as tobacco usage. Changes to nicotine policies will be considered after 2 years if the insured was a user at inception of the policy. If the insured had already quit prior to the time that the application was written, we will consider a reduction after one year. In both cases the change form GW-7175 request must be submitted with an exam, urinalysis and an APS at no expense to West Coast Life. If there has been a material change to the insured’s medical history, we may decline to remove the nicotine rating. Cigar Use We have increased the cigar allowance to up to 12 cigars per year for non-tobacco rates for all classes except Super Preferred. HOS must still be negative. For Super Preferred risk classification, we allow 6 cigars per year. HOS must still be negative.

Underwriting Guidelines – Preferred Proposed Insureds Through Age 70 Nicotine: No nicotine use of any kind for the last 1 year (urine negative

Driving: Not available with three or more moving violations in the last three years or if any DUI or reckless driving in the last five years.

Family History: No death from cancer, heart disease, or any cardiac related condition, of either natural parent or sibling prior to age 60. Waived if the applicant is actual age 60 or older unless both natural parents died from one of the same preceding impairments prior to age 60.

Basic Insurability: Standard risk medically and no ratable occupational hazard. No other adverse underwriting considerations per underwriting judgment to include cancer, heart disease, stroke, diabetes or alcohol/substance abuse.

Blood Pressure: Current readings do not exceed 140/90 through age 60 or 150/90 above age 60. Treated blood pressure must have been controlled for one year with favorable APS readings throughout the year.

Cholesterol: Total Cholesterol not greater than 250, including treated cholesterol and Cholesterol/HDL ratio is 6.0 or less.

Hazardous Sports: No hazardous sports or avocations, such as hang gliding, ballooning, motorized racing, parachuting or SCUBA diving within the last three years. Recreational SCUBA diving up to depths of 75 feet is acceptable. Aviation: Not a private pilot or participant in aviation activities. Pilot and crew members on regularly scheduled passenger flights on major airlines are acceptable if not engaged in any other flying activities. Exclusions may be available.

Residence: US or Canadian Citizen or proof of permanent residence.

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  1. donna rilling says:

    I have a 52213 zip and a 2/22/49 BD. I most likely will qualify for your very best rates. I am interested in a 20 yr and 25 yr quote for 500,000 level term.You can send the quote to my E-mail. Thx!