A well-planned life insurance policy enables your loved ones to cover their immediate cash needs in the event of your death, but should also replace your income so that your family maintains their current standard of living. We believe in providing families with a benefit that can be invested conservatively, generating interest earnings sufficient to pay monthly expenses.

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Life Insurance Basics

life insurance quotesFounded in 1996, LifeInsurance.net makes it easier than ever to find the right insurance policy for your family. A nationally recognized life insurance agency, we bring our clients access to a large network of A and A+ rated life insurance companies. We strive every day to deliver value, financial security and peace of mind.

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What type of Life Insurance Coverage do you really need?

Life Insurance comes in two basic flavors, Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance. If you are clear on WHY you need a life insurance policy, it is generally clear which kind of life insurance plan is appropriate for you.

Term Life Insurance Policies are disaster management tools.

Permanent Life Insurance Policies are inter-generational wealth transfer tools.

Term Insurance

If you are a parent, and have a spouse and children dependent on you for income it would be financially disastrous if you died prematurely. Term Life Insurance plans are designed as risk management tools to cover that financial loss. Term Life Insurance insures you against death for a specified number of years and then ends (the Life Insurance Policy Term).
e.g. If you buy a 10 year term life insurance policy and die in the eighth year, the carrier will pay the full life insurance benefit defined in the policy. If, however, you die in the eleventh year, the policy will have expired and you will have no life insurance coverage in force.
The cost of term life insurance is significantly lower than the cost of permanent life insurance policies, because statistically EVERYBODY OUTLIVES THEIR TERM LIFE INSURANCE POLICY. We often speak to clients who feel that they've wasted money if they don't die and collect on their term life policies.

We just remind them that Dying Is Bad.

Permanent Insurance

If you want to be sure that your life insurance is in force whether you live to 60 or to 90, then you need a permanent life insurance policy. You should never buy a term life insurance policy as part of an estate plan where you are counting on the cash becoming part of an inheritance. Often the least expensive option for pure insurance forever is a no lapse guaranteed universal life insurance policy.

At Life Insurance. Net we have years of experience working with families across the country on identifying their core life insurance requirements. We can provide competitive term life insurance quotes, or universal life insurance quotes from A and A+ rated life insurance companies in almost any state. Just fill out our online life insurance quote form or call us for a personal quote on life insurance for you and your family.

We believe that an educated consumer can ask the right questions and to find the best insurance solution. Our life insurance educational center will help you understand how insurance works, what carriers are looking for, and how you go about getting the life insurance policy that is right for you and your family.

West Coast Life Insurance Company

West Coast is one of our favorite companies. They have clear, consistent underwriting guidelines, are priced very competitively for term policies for middle aged applicants, and can move very quickly to get a policy in place. West Coast Life is part of Protective Life Insurance. PO Box 830570, Birmingham, AL, 35283 Phone Number 800-366-9378 Fax Number 415-433-1372 WebPage http://www.westcoastlife.com Read more »

Aviva Life and Annuity Company

700 Mills Civic Parkway West Des Moines, IA 50266-3862

1 800 800 9882 www.avivausa.com

Ratings: A.M. Best Financial Strength A

Standard & Poor’s Financial Strength AA-

Moody’s Financial Strength A1

Fitch Financial Strength A+ Read more »

Choosing a Life Insurance Agent

Do away with whatever image of you have of life insurance agents, and think of them as a guide, someone who can walk you through a complicated set of decisions that could affect the lives of your loved ones when you’re no longer there for them. “Life insurance is a complex product,” noted Jack Dolan, of the American Council of Life Insurance. “An agent can be very helpful in advising you. An agent can help you find the policy that meets your needs today and in the future.” Insurance agents know which kinds of life insurance are right for a young family just starting out, which work as a savings vehicle, which could be useful in retirement planning or estate planning. “Life insurance has lots of functions. An agent can lay that all out for you,” Dolan said.

In other words, an agent can save you lots of time you’d spend researching the issue on your own. He can serve as your guide now, and help you map your insurance needs in years to come as your situation changes. He can help you find a policy you can afford, and he can prevent you from making mistakes that could be very painful for your beneficiaries after your death, such as not having the right kind or amount of insurance. How do you select an agent to work with? Read more »

Last to Die Life Insurance – Survivorship Life Policies

Inheritance Taxes and Sibling Rivalry

Two of the primary uses of life insurance are income replacement in the event of the death of a family wage earner, and family wealth transfer upon the death of an older generation. While a term life insurance policy is an excellent tool for disaster management in the face of the death of working parent, it is generally a terrible tool for preserving a family’s wealth and transferring it to the next generations. The next time you leave home and drive to the market, take a look around at the wealth that surrounds you. Every home that you see, a every small shop, restaurant, gas station, office building or parking lot represents a slice of some family’s wealth. For most families a fundamental goal of their family’s financial planning is preserving those assets and passing them down to the younger generations. Unfortunately, transferring an real asset like real estate or a business generally creates an immediate need for significant liquidity (that means cash to you and me.) When a business owner or property owner dies, the immediate cash requirements can include direct costs like estate taxes, legal fees and accounting and business valuation costs. Even more significant can be the need for adequate cash in the estate to allow division amongst several children without forcing the sale of the property or business to find the needed cash. If one child wishes to live in the family home, or run the family business, they often need to mortgage the asset or borrow heavily to generate enough cash to fund an inheritance for their siblings. When it isn’t possible to borrow enough, the other siblings will often force a liquidation/sale to generate the cash needed for a fair distribution. Read more »

Lincoln Benefit Life

2940 South 84th Street Lincoln, NE 68506 1-800-525-2799 www.accessallstate.com Ratings: A.M. Best Financial Strength A+ Standard & Poor’s Financial Strength AA- Moody’s Financial Strength A1 Fitch Financial Strength A Read more »