A well-planned life insurance policy enables your loved ones to cover their immediate cash needs in the event of your death, but should also replace your income so that your family maintains their current standard of living. We believe in providing families with a benefit that can be invested conservatively, generating interest earnings sufficient to pay monthly expenses.

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Life Insurance Basics

life insurance quotesFounded in 1996, LifeInsurance.net makes it easier than ever to find the right insurance policy for your family. A nationally recognized life insurance agency, we bring our clients access to a large network of A and A+ rated life insurance companies. We strive every day to deliver value, financial security and peace of mind.

LifeInsurance.Net has been featured in YourMoney Magazine, Bests Review, Money Magazine, Forbes.com and elsewhere.

What type of Life Insurance Coverage do you really need?

Life Insurance comes in two basic flavors, Term Life Insurance and Permanent Life Insurance. If you are clear on WHY you need a life insurance policy, it is generally clear which kind of life insurance plan is appropriate for you.

Term Life Insurance Policies are disaster management tools.

Permanent Life Insurance Policies are inter-generational wealth transfer tools.

Term Insurance

If you are a parent, and have a spouse and children dependent on you for income it would be financially disastrous if you died prematurely. Term Life Insurance plans are designed as risk management tools to cover that financial loss. Term Life Insurance insures you against death for a specified number of years and then ends (the Life Insurance Policy Term).
e.g. If you buy a 10 year term life insurance policy and die in the eighth year, the carrier will pay the full life insurance benefit defined in the policy. If, however, you die in the eleventh year, the policy will have expired and you will have no life insurance coverage in force.
The cost of term life insurance is significantly lower than the cost of permanent life insurance policies, because statistically EVERYBODY OUTLIVES THEIR TERM LIFE INSURANCE POLICY. We often speak to clients who feel that they've wasted money if they don't die and collect on their term life policies.

We just remind them that Dying Is Bad.

Permanent Insurance

If you want to be sure that your life insurance is in force whether you live to 60 or to 90, then you need a permanent life insurance policy. You should never buy a term life insurance policy as part of an estate plan where you are counting on the cash becoming part of an inheritance. Often the least expensive option for pure insurance forever is a no lapse guaranteed universal life insurance policy.

At Life Insurance. Net we have years of experience working with families across the country on identifying their core life insurance requirements. We can provide competitive term life insurance quotes, or universal life insurance quotes from A and A+ rated life insurance companies in almost any state. Just fill out our online life insurance quote form or call us for a personal quote on life insurance for you and your family.

We believe that an educated consumer can ask the right questions and to find the best insurance solution. Our life insurance educational center will help you understand how insurance works, what carriers are looking for, and how you go about getting the life insurance policy that is right for you and your family.

Finding an Insurance Company

Because we are a national brokerage with a significant online life insurance presence, we seem to get calls everyday from consumers trying to find an insurance company.  The calls often arise when adult children are working through their parents papers and things after the funeral and they come across a long lost insurance policy and wonder if the company still exists.  As often as not the old company has merged into a larger carrier group.    Sometimes it can be difficult to find which carrier is currently responsible for honoring the policy.

To make it easier to find an old carrier,  here’s a list of 300 carriers licensed to do business as life insurance carriers in California.   If you want more information or contact info for the life insurance company search here:

If you want to know more about the company,  go here to the National Association of Insurance Commissioners where you can see the company’s complaint history, licensing profile and finances.  You will need the NAIC number listed next to the carrier below.  Read more »

Cholesterol and Life Insurance

Blood might be thicker than water,  but chemically it looks pretty much like an ocean puddle.  Cholesterol, like most oils, doesn’t mix well with water, and therefore needs some help traveling through the blood stream.  LDL (low density lipoprotein) is a fatty, messy chemical that tends to spread into a sticky paste as it moves through the blood.  As it flows through the bloodstream, it can catch on and stick to blood vessel walls.  Once a deposit starts , it tends to attract and hold additional material and build up into thick coatings or plaques in the blood vessels.  Nasty, high risk stuff.  HDL (high density lipoprotein) behaves differently.  HDL forms into self contained clumps  that move easily through the bloodstream  until they eventually arrive in the liver where they are filtered out and removed from the body.  Even better,  because oily molecules attract each other,  the HDL moving through the bloodstream tends to grab onto some of the LDL floating by , taking it along to the liver to be cleared from the system. Read more »

Term Life Insurance Saves the Day

You ask anyone on the street whether you should have life insurance and they will almost always say yes. Why? Because everyone is going to die at some point. But is mortality enough of a reason to buy?


If you are 22 years old with no family or dependents you don’t necessarily need a life insurance policy and certainly not a large one. But what if you have a decent job, a spouse, a couple of kids and a mortgage. You are the primary wage earner. If you were no longer around could your spouse keep the house? Could your kids go to college? Would it be hard to buy food and clothes? For you, life insurance is not only reasonable, its almost negligent not to have it. Read more »

Under Pressure – Blood Pressure and Life Insurance Quotes

Over 40 million Americans are being treated for high blood pressure by a physician. Blood pressure is a measure of the force the heart expends as it pushes blood through the arteries and into the circulatory system. To determine blood pressure, you take two separate measurements. Systolic pressure is the measure of blood pressure while the heart is contracting. Diastolic Pressure is the measure while the heart is resting between contractions. Blood pressure is measured in millimeters of mercury (mmHg). A healthy adult might have a blood pressure between 120/70 and 130/80. While there is no universal agreement on what exactly constitutes Hypertension or High Blood Pressure, most authorities consider sustained systolic pressure over 139 mmHg and/or diastolic pressure over 89 mmHg to be a health risk.

High blood pressure means that the heart muscle is working harder than normal, putting both the heart and arteries under an increased strain. When high blood pressure is left untreated, the heart has to labor progressively harder to pump enough blood and oxygen to the body’s organs and tissues. If your heart is forced to labor for an extended time, it is in danger of enlarging, weakening, or even failing completely. Read more »

Just How Old am I Anyways? Saving Age in a Life Insurance World

Imagine if you will, two brothers, identical twins, same parents, both born on the 4th of July, 1964. They have the same birthday, so they are the same age, right? that’s kind of the point of the whole twin thing, isn’t it?.

The brothers, being responsible parents, both decide to get life insurance and request quotes from their life insurance agents a couple months before their birthday. When the quotes come back, ONE BROTHER IS A 46 YEAR OLD AND THE OTHER IS A 47 OLD. What’s the difference? Who messed up? How can they be different ages? The answer lies in an unusual variation in how life insurance carriers determine the age of life insurance applicants. Read more »