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Changes in Name, Lines of Authority, Redomestication

Life and Health Insurance Carriers

Last modified 04/24/2007


Capital Investors Life Ins Co UT 03/07/96 changed name to SECURITY NATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE ASSOCIATES INSURANCE COMPANY, corrected its certificate of authority by deleting annuity and variable life and/or annuity which was mistakenly added to certificate with the 1987 renewal as company is a property/liability company.
Wasatch Fire Insurance Company UT 05/01/96 amended lines of authority to include residential dwelling liability.
Frontier Insurance Company of NY NY 00/00/00 amended lines of authority to include disability.
Femark Insurance Company PA 02/22/96 changed name to ALLMERICA FINANCIAL BENEFIT INSURANCE CO.
Colonial Life Ins Co of America, The NJ 03/01/96 changed name to CHUBB COLONIAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.
Anchor National Life Insurance Company CA 01/01/96 redomiciled to Arizona.
National Dental Health Insurance Company AZ 02/05/96 changed name to UNITED DENTAL CARE INSURANCE COMPANY.
Frankona America Life Reassurance Co MO 02/02/96 changed name to ERC LIFE REINSURANCE CORPORATION and merged with Monogram Insurance Corporation with Frankona as the survivor.
Home Life Financial Assurance Corporation OH 04/01/96 redomiciled to Indiana, changed name to ANTHEM HEALTH & LIFE INS. CO.
Associated Insurance Companies, Inc. IN 03/28/96 changed name to ANTHEM INSURANCE COMPANIES, INC.
Mirus Insurance Company DE 04/01/96 changed name to UNICARE LIFE & HEALTH INSURANCE COMPANY.
AMCO Insurance Company IA 05/28/96 added workers' compensation to is lines of authority.
Allied Mutual Insurance Company IA 05/18/96 added workers' compensation to its lines of authority.
C.E. Health Compensation & Liability Ins Co CA 03/06/96 changed name to CAREAMERICA COMPENSATION & LIABILITY INS. CO.
Bankers and Shippers Insurance Company CT 12/15/95 redomiciled to North Carolina.
National Assurance Underwriters, Inc. MO 05/28/96 added workers' compensation to its lines of authority.
Triton Insurance Company MO 05/28/96 added disability to is lines of authority.
New York Life Insurance Company NY 05/28/96 added annuity to is lines of authority.
Prudential National Insurance Company AZ 06/17/96 changed name to EVEREST NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY.
Trans-General Casualty Insurance Company, Inc. PA 05/29/96 added workers' compensation to its lines of authority.
American Mutual Life Insurance Company IA 0630/96 changed name to AmerUs LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.
Standard Insurance Company OR 06/24/96 amended its license to include variable annuity.
Integon National Insurance Company NC 04/24/96 redomiciled to North Carolina.
Peninsula Property and Casualty Company DE 03/22/96 changed its name to U S AEGIS ENERGY INSURANCE COMPANY.
National Liability & Fire Insurance Company IL 12/11/96 redomiciled to the state of Connecticut.
Executive Risk Indemnity Inc. DE 07/23/96 amended its lines of authority to include disability, marine and transport, workers' compensation, vehicle liability and professional liability (including medical mal.)
Western Atlantic Reinsurance Corporation NH 05/17/96 changed name to EUROPEAN REINSURANCE CORPORATION OF AMERICA.
Savers Life Insurance Company of America MO 05/09/96 changed name to PHOENIX LIFE AND ANNUITY COMPANY and added to its lines of authority, annuity and variable life.
International General Insurance Corporation WI 03/27/96 changed name to BANKERS RESERVE LIFE INS. CO. OF WISCONSIN.
Pioneer Life Insurance Company of Illinois IL 03/13/96 changed name to PIONEER LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.
The Reinsurance Corporation of New York NY 07/01/96 changed name to THE INSURANCE CORPORATION OF NEW YORK.
Bankers Security Life Insurance Society NY 07/01/96 changes name to RELIASTAR BANKERS SECURITY LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.
Northwestern National Life Insurance Company MN 07/05/96 changed name to RELIASTAR LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.
New England Variable Life Insurance Company DE 08/30/96 redomiciled to Massachusetts, changed name to NEW ENGLAND LIFE INSURANCE CO.
Beaver Insurance Company CA 05/13/96 changed name to FREMONT AMERICAN INSURANCE COMPANY.
Lincoln National Specialty Insurance Company KS 06/10/96 changed name to VALLEY NATIONAL INSURANCE COMPANY.
Transamerica Life Insurance and Annuity Co. NC 09/26/96 added disability to its lines of authority.
FG Insurance Corporation DE 07/16/96 changed name to AMERICAN HEALTHCARE INDEMNITY COMPANY.
Aetna Casualty Company CT 05/24/96 changed name to AETNA INSURANCE COMPANY OF CONNECTICUT.
Certified Life Insurance Company CA 05/31/96 redomiciled to Illinois.
U S Aegis Energy Insurance Company DE 12/03/96 added to its lines of authority workers' compensation, vehicle liability and professional liability(Including medical malpractice).
American Combined Life Insurance Company IL 10/21/96 changed name to RESOURCES LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.
The Equitable of Colorado, Inc. CO 11/19/96 added variable life and/or annuity.
Transamerica Assurance Company CO 07/15/96 redomiciled to Missouri.
Pacific Employers Insurance Company CA 07/22/96 redomiciled to Pennsylvania.
Garden State Life Insurance Company NJ 07/01/96 redomiciled to Texas.
Deerbrook Insurance Company DE 11/05/96 redomiciled to Illinois.
Home Guaranty Insurance Company VA 04/30/96 changed name to LAWRENCEVILLE PROPERTY AND CASUALTY COMPANY, INC. and added all property/casualty lines to their certificate of authority.
Mercantile and General Reinsurance Company MI 11/11/96 changed their name to MERCANTILE AND GENERAL REINSURANCE COMPANY LIMITED.
Century Life of America IA 12/31/96 changed name to CUNA MUTUAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.
Health Insurance of Vermont VT 11/22/96 changed name to AMERICAN NETWORK INSURANCE COMPANY.
Bankers Standard Fire and Marine Company TX 11/04/96 redomiciled to Pennsylvania.
American Healthcare Indemnity Company DE 12/27/96 added professional liability (excluding medical malpractice) and professional liability (including medical malpractice.
Modern Income Life Insurance Company MO 11/22/96 changed name to REVELATION LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY.
FIRST INTERNATIONAL LIFE INSURANCE COMPANY MA 10-22-96 Changed domicile to Delaware effective October 22, 1996.
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