How to Find a Missing Life Insurance Policy Fast

Experts say that more than one-fourth of all life insurance benefits are never claimed. If no one knows where the policy is or better yet, if one even exists, then how can a beneficiary claim the money? If you are struggling to find out if a life insurance policy ever existed, then you may have already tried searching the internet for the following terms: “find missing life insurance policy” “find out if i am a beneficiary” “how to find out if my mother had a life insurance policy” “did my father have a life insurance policy” “how to find out if my husband had a life insurance policy” “how to find my wife’s life insurance policy ” “did my husband have a life insurance policy” “Find out if i am a beneficiary to a life insurance policy” “Find out if there was a life insurance policy” Perhaps you are hoping to find a nationwide database of life insurance policy holders. Unfortunately, such a database does not exist. Finding a missing life insurance policy may not be easy, but it is possible.

5 Strategies to help you find a missing policy now

Ask Start asking other people; family members, family lawyers, friends, financial advisors, business partners etc.

Search Through files, bank account records, storage items and bank deposit boxes for documents that may provide clues.You might not find the policy right away but keep an eye out for cancelled checks or receipts from insurance companies that might lead you to what you are looking for.

Examine Examine other insurance documents. Many people purchase more than one type of policy from the same insurance company.

Review Past income taxes. Look for interest income earned or expenses paid by the life insurance company that might reveal the policy’s source.

Contact Contact the previous employers human resources department to inquire if there was a group policy in place. The state department of insurance may be able to provide you with information that can help you. Call the agent who sold you your last few auto insurance policies, perhaps he also sold a life insurance policy. If you’ve followed all of these steps and still did not find a policy, do not assume there isn’t one. Keep in mind these two very important facts: * More than one-fourth of all life insurance benefits are never claimed. * The insurance company must honor the agreement and pay the claim once the policy is located, no matter how long it takes to locate it.

For the Next Year Keep an eye on the deceased’s mail looking for premium/dividend notices or annual policy status statements that may reveal where the insurance policy may have been purchased. Within three to five years of death, the insurer may turn insurance benefits over to the state as unclaimed property. Most states have an online database of unclaimed property that is accessible at the state comptroller’s website. With your determination, using the information provided here, finding the missing life insurance policy that may have been lost , misplaced or unspoken of, may be easier than you thought it would be.

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2 Responses to “How to Find a Missing Life Insurance Policy Fast”

  1. George Douglas Jackson says:

    My husband passed away Sept 28th 2008. I am looking for any life insurance policies that he made had. He passed away in a car accident I was not sure if he had any more life insurance policies.

    • titenise says:

      Hi! I am soo sorry about your loss, not having a spouse around is pretty devestating. Have you checked the credit cards? On my husbands all he had to do is say yes and they deducted the money directly from his Credit Card, it would go under a name that doesn’t sound like insurance and it was paperless so we never have received a letter confirmation. Maybe you might find something there. Also if you pay $75 to Medical Information Bureau, they claim they can find out for you, no promises of course, but hey its a start.