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Life Insurance Accelerated Death Benefit Riders

life insurance accelerated death benefits

Many life insurance policies issued today include an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider . Under an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, the carrier will pay part of the death benefit to a policy owner if the insured is proven to have an illness anticipated to result in the death of the insured within a specified time period. […]

Life Insurance and BiPolar Disorder – You can get Life Insurance

I regularly speak to people who assume that they can’t get life insurance coverage because of some pre-existing health condition. Recently I was approached by a gentleman who identified himself as being terminal, and on hospice care. Now that’s a case that even I can’t figure out how to get placed. But, short of terminal […]

Estate Planning – No Family Wants to Plan for This

This World is but an Entry Hall to the World to Come. Prepare Yourself in the Entry Hall so that You Might Enter the Banquet Hall. When people come to the end of the end of their days, they need to wrap up their affairs in this world, and prepare themselves for the next. Proper […]

Whole Life Insurance – Not Quite 31 Flavors

Whole Life Insurance is the granddaddy of them all, in some ways the simplest to understand of all insurance policies. In its simplest form, you promise to send the carrier a fixed check each year for the rest of your life, and they promise to send your beneficiaries a fixed check when you die. Seems […]

Choosing a Life Insurance Agent

Do away with whatever image of you have of life insurance agents, and think of them as a guide, someone who can walk you through a complicated set of decisions that could affect the lives of your loved ones when you’re no longer there for them. “Life insurance is a complex product,” noted Jack Dolan, […]