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Life Insurance and BiPolar Disorder – You can get Life Insurance

I regularly speak to people who assume that they can’t get life insurance coverage because of some pre-existing health condition. Recently I was approached by a gentleman who identified himself as being terminal, and on hospice care. Now that’s a case that even I can’t figure out how to get placed. But, short of terminal […]

Under Pressure – Blood Pressure and Life Insurance Quotes

Over 40 million Americans are being treated for high blood pressure by a physician. Blood pressure is a measure of the force the heart expends as it pushes blood through the arteries and into the circulatory system. To determine blood pressure, you take two separate measurements. Systolic pressure is the measure of blood pressure while […]

Just How Old am I Anyways? Saving Age in a Life Insurance World

Imagine if you will, two brothers, identical twins, same parents, both born on the 4th of July, 1964. They have the same birthday, so they are the same age, right? that’s kind of the point of the whole twin thing, isn’t it?. The brothers, being responsible parents, both decide to get life insurance and request […]

Tobacco or Not Tobacco – That is the (Life Insurance) Question

Can you find the smoker in this picture? Michael is having a great day, in the middle of a great month. He lights up a celebratory cigar and grabs a beer. His buddy James won’t light up with him, because James quit smoking almost a year ago, and doesn’t want to touch any tobacco product. […]

Life Insurance Medical Exam

One of the first steps in getting life insurance is taking your insurance physical. For most carriers it is a simple exam that can take place in your home or office. You will generally be asked to give a blood and urine sample, and in some cases you will be need to have an EKG. […]