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Last to Die Life Insurance – Survivorship Life Policies

Inheritance Taxes and Sibling Rivalry Two of the primary uses of life insurance are income replacement in the event of the death of a family wage earner, and family wealth transfer upon the death of an older generation. While a term life insurance policy is an excellent tool for disaster management in the face of […]

Lincoln Benefit Life

2940 South 84th Street Lincoln, NE 68506 1-800-525-2799 Ratings: A.M. Best Financial Strength A+ Standard & Poor’s Financial Strength AA- Moody’s Financial Strength A1 Fitch Financial Strength A

Return of Premium Life Insurance – MoneyBack LifeInsurance

Imagine getting a money-back guarantee on your Term Life Insurance: Your family receives a lump sum of money if you die, but if you live the company returns all of your premiums! Believe it or not, such a product now exists and is just one of the innovative solutions coming your way from some of […]

Whole Life Insurance Policies

Whole life insurance is a traditional form of permanent life insurance. Whole life insurance plans are designed to provide insurance coverage for the whole life of the insured, whether he lives to age 50 or age 100. It provides lifelong coverage by having the insured overpay for the policy over many years. The excess funds […]

Life Insurance for Your Family

While family owned life insurance can have many goals, its primary use is to protect surviving dependents or a family from the financial burden of the early death of a breadwinner. Over 70% of American families have some form of life insurance – either individually owned or through their employers. Without a source of income, […]