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Cholesterol and Life Insurance

Blood might be thicker than water,  but chemically it looks pretty much like an ocean puddle.  Cholesterol, like most oils, doesn’t mix well with water, and therefore needs some help traveling through the blood stream.  LDL (low density lipoprotein) is a fatty, messy chemical that tends to spread into a sticky paste as it moves […]

Term Life Insurance Saves the Day

You ask anyone on the street whether you should have life insurance and they will almost always say yes. Why? Because everyone is going to die at some point. But is mortality enough of a reason to buy? No. If you are 22 years old with no family or dependents you don’t necessarily need a […]

Simple Life Insurance Needs Analysis

One of the primary uses of life insurance is a replacement of income in the event of an untimely death. In most cases a term life insurance policy is the most effective tool for this kind of “disaster management” insurance policy. The question then arises, How much insurance do you need? Simply put, you need […]

Choosing a Life Insurance Agent

Do away with whatever image of you have of life insurance agents, and think of them as a guide, someone who can walk you through a complicated set of decisions that could affect the lives of your loved ones when you’re no longer there for them. “Life insurance is a complex product,” noted Jack Dolan, […]