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Need Life Insurance in Pennsylvania? Call Life Insurance.Net at (610) 400-1634

Philadelphia, PA Life Insurance Quotes Buying a Life Insurance Policy in Pennsylvania is very straightforward. First you need to determine the type of life insurance coverage. In Pennsylvania, our clients generally want either a level term life policy or a simple permanent life insurance policy. Term life insurance and universal life insurance policies in Pennsylvania […]

Life Insurance and BiPolar Disorder – You can get Life Insurance

I regularly speak to people who assume that they can’t get life insurance coverage because of some pre-existing health condition. Recently I was approached by a gentleman who identified himself as being terminal, and on hospice care. Now that’s a case that even I can’t figure out how to get placed. But, short of terminal […]

Phoenix Arizona Life Insurance Agency

Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona, is the largest state capital in the United States, with a greater population than any other state capital or Washington, D.C. But its a young city, with more than 50 percent of the population is between 18 and 54 years of age. Life Insurance. Net has offered universal and […]

What Is Life Insurance – Part 1: Personal Uses of Term Life Insurance

What is life insurance? Term Life Insurance is an income replacement and disaster management tool. If your family depends on your income, then you need to manage the risk of losing that income. One strategy for managing the risk is ignore it, whistle a happy tune and look the other way. Alternatively, you can try […]

Term Life Insurance – Because dying is really a bad thing.

Since LifeInsurance.Net launched in 1999 as a place for serious consumers to get answers on life insurance, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of reasonable, responsible adults get answers, advice and quotations on life insurance policies. Yet, almost every day I hear the same concern about term life insurance: “If I buy term life insurance and […]