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Just How Old am I Anyways? Saving Age in a Life Insurance World

Imagine if you will, two brothers, identical twins, same parents, both born on the 4th of July, 1964. They have the same birthday, so they are the same age, right? that’s kind of the point of the whole twin thing, isn’t it?. The brothers, being responsible parents, both decide to get life insurance and request […]

Simple Life Insurance Needs Analysis

One of the primary uses of life insurance is a replacement of income in the event of an untimely death. In most cases a term life insurance policy is the most effective tool for this kind of “disaster management” insurance policy. The question then arises, How much insurance do you need? Simply put, you need […]

Life Insurance Living Benefits

Life Insurance — Reaping the Benefits While You are Living The most obvious purpose of life insurance is protecting the family’s financial security in the event of a policy holders death. Yet many are unaware that with a little planning and proper decision-making, the holders of certain whole life insurance policies can use funds for […]

Expenses Expenses – Where Does Your Money Go?

When life insurance carriers price life insurance policies, there are a number of factors that they need to take into account. The primary issues a life insurance company considers when pricing a policy include the mortality risk of the insured, the amount of insurance being requested and the expenses needed to operate the company. Expenses […]

Taxation of Life Insurance Policy Distributions

As long as a policy owner or beneficiary pays for a life insurance policy personally rather than through a business, and pays with after tax dollars, life insurance has traditionally enjoyed substantial income tax advantages.. Cash value grows on a tax-deferred basis, and death benefits are received income tax-free. If a life insurance policy is […]