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What Is Life Insurance – Part 1: Personal Uses of Term Life Insurance

What is life insurance? Term Life Insurance is an income replacement and disaster management tool. If your family depends on your income, then you need to manage the risk of losing that income. One strategy for managing the risk is ignore it, whistle a happy tune and look the other way. Alternatively, you can try […]

Term Life Insurance – Because dying is really a bad thing.

Since LifeInsurance.Net launched in 1999 as a place for serious consumers to get answers on life insurance, we’ve helped hundreds of thousands of reasonable, responsible adults get answers, advice and quotations on life insurance policies. Yet, almost every day I hear the same concern about term life insurance: “If I buy term life insurance and […]

Finding an Insurance Company

Because we are a national brokerage with a significant online life insurance presence, we seem to get calls everyday from consumers trying to find an insurance company.  The calls often arise when adult children are working through their parents papers and things after the funeral and they come across a long lost insurance policy and […]

Cholesterol and Life Insurance

Blood might be thicker than water,  but chemically it looks pretty much like an ocean puddle.  Cholesterol, like most oils, doesn’t mix well with water, and therefore needs some help traveling through the blood stream.  LDL (low density lipoprotein) is a fatty, messy chemical that tends to spread into a sticky paste as it moves […]

Term Life Insurance Saves the Day

You ask anyone on the street whether you should have life insurance and they will almost always say yes. Why? Because everyone is going to die at some point. But is mortality enough of a reason to buy? No. If you are 22 years old with no family or dependents you don’t necessarily need a […]