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Life Insurance Accelerated Death Benefit Riders

life insurance accelerated death benefits

Many life insurance policies issued today include an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider . Under an Accelerated Death Benefit Rider, the carrier will pay part of the death benefit to a policy owner if the insured is proven to have an illness anticipated to result in the death of the insured within a specified time period. […]

Life Insurance and Divorce

Divorce complicates everything. That isn’t news to anyone who has ever faced the stress of reconstructing the life of a family, often two, and sometimes three. So it shouldn’t be surprising that divorce has significant ramifications on your life insurance policies and needs. Case Study 1: Joe and Laura – Treatment of Existing Life Insurance […]

Life Insurance for a Scuba or Skin Diver

Life Insurance companies price their coverage based on their predictions of the risk that they will actually have to make a payment on a death claim. The reason that term insurance is so inexpensive, is that carriers almost never have to pay a claim.  Actuarialy, young people (in the aggregate) are almost as immortal as […]

Life Insurance and BiPolar Disorder – You can get Life Insurance

I regularly speak to people who assume that they can’t get life insurance coverage because of some pre-existing health condition. Recently I was approached by a gentleman who identified himself as being terminal, and on hospice care. Now that’s a case that even I can’t figure out how to get placed. But, short of terminal […]

Phoenix Arizona Life Insurance Agency

Phoenix, the capital city of Arizona, is the largest state capital in the United States, with a greater population than any other state capital or Washington, D.C. But its a young city, with more than 50 percent of the population is between 18 and 54 years of age. Life Insurance. Net has offered universal and […]