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Variable-Universal Life Insurance

If you like to sit in the driver's seat, this is the type of policy for you. Variable Universal Life Insurance blends the features found in Variable Life and Universal Life, offering a choice of underlying investment accounts, flexible premiums and adjustable death benefit. The amount of the death benefit may rise or fall, depending on the success of the underlying investments you choose. Because the stock market has traditionally performed well over long periods, VUL offers the opportunity to build up significant cash value. But stock markets fluctuate in the short term; if you die when values are down, VUL policies guarantee that a minimum death benefit will still be paid to your beneficiaries. VUL gives you more control of the cash value portion of your policy than any other insurance type. This means that the policyowner assumes all the risks inherent in the underlying securities investments. VUL products are therefore regulated by Federal securities laws and the SEC, and must be sold with a prospectus.


Variable-Universal Life offers premium and death benefit flexibility, as well as the potential to increase cash value based on the performance of your choice of underlying funds. Because VUL is tied to the performance of various securities markets, it may provide an important hedge against inflation. This can help keep the value of your life insurance policy from eroding due to rising costs of living. VUL allows you to withdraw money or to borrow from the policy during your lifetime.


VUL is more expensive than other types of Permanent Life Insurance. Premiums must be high enough to cover the cost of insurance, mortality and expense charges, and expenses associated with the underlying funds. You must have at least a basic understanding of stocks, bonds and securities. You must read and understand the prospectus before investing. If you buy a VUL policy, you will be responsible for managing the underlying investment accounts. Better for younger policyowners with long-term investment horizons. The policy's success is dependent on the investments you make, and may lose value.

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